Worst day ever

Random Words: face, sausage, agreement, alarm, expression, civilization, jest, prosecute, executive, horoscope.

I should have given more credence to today’s horoscope.  My first omen of impending doom was my alarm clock failing to wake me in time for my meeting.  I should have just stayed in bed.  The end result would have been the same.  The expression on my lawyer’s face when I arrived 20 minutes late to our appointment was annoyance.  The expression on his face when he read the agreement was incredulous, and not the good kind of incredulous.  Civilization was over as I knew it.  You think I jest?  Hyperbolize?  Oh no.  The company executive had told me repeatedly that the company would prosecute me if I ever divulged the recipe for my vegan chorizo and cilantro sausage.  How was I supposed to know I couldn’t even give it to my own sister?  How was I supposed to know she was going to share it with her book club friends?  And how could I have known that one of those book club friends just so happened to be the CEO of the company I had just sold my sausage recipe to?  Now here I am in my lawyer’s office, hoping that there is some loophole in the contract I signed.  I can’t believe I put myself in this position.  I’m not even a vegetarian!


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