Out of habit

Random Words: pleasure, star, food, iron, represent, fun, tie, habit, character, coincidence.

It wasn’t coincidence that the moment I started thinking about food my stomach rumbled.  It had been over 6 hours since I last ate after all.  What was strange was that I hadn’t eaten.  Whether it was habit or just an intrinsic part of my character, I invariably ate with a regularity that bordered on obsession or mental illness.  You take your pick.  Food, to me, wasn’t just sustenance, but pleasure.  Sensuous and satisfying at the same time.  I was constantly thinking about what I would eat next, when I would eat, and planning out my day based on when I had to grocery shop for that day’s dinner.  I thought about my morning coffee the night before.  Would it be an avocado toast morning or a hash browns morning?  Would I just snack for lunch or were there some delicious leftovers in the fridge?  What did I feel like cooking that night?  I never shopped for the week; I shopped each day.  Each day I wanted to pick out what I would cook that evening.  Why would I shop for the whole week?  How would I know ahead of time that I wanted pork chops on Tuesday?  What if I didn’t want pork chops on Tuesday?  I like to think that I am French, stopping at the market on the way home from work to pick up fresh produce for the evening meal.  French markets represent the epitome of a life well lived to me.  So in the moment, seasonal, and fresh.  And so it was shocking to me that I hadn’t eaten in over six hours.  Not even a piece of fruit.  I had been so engrossed in my task that I hadn’t even noticed the time slipping past in a fast-moving stream of seconds.  It’s been years since I had been so completely taken with a project that I forgot to eat.  But this was a once in a lifetime project on which I was working.  Even food would have to take a back seat to my work now.  The endless calculations weren’t fun to do, but necessary.  They were the backbone, the iron, to my project.  These calculations would enable me to bring Da Vinci’s flying machines to life.  That genius of a man, even with only his 16th C scientific understanding was ahead of his time.  Maybe even ahead of my time.  If I could tie his idea to my modern day calculations, no star would be out of my reach.  I love imagining what is out there waiting for us to discover it.  I could daydream all day.  But my stomach just growled again and I know dinner is long overdue.  My Da Vinci project would have to wait until tomorrow.  Hmmm, should I have avocado toast in the morning?


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