Before and After

Random words: piece, crash, coconut, addictive, slippery, probe, concept, apartment, gear, concave.

I strode out of the apartment with all my gear.  I left everything else behind.  I didn’t want reminders of that life anymore.  After the crash, nothing was ever the same again.  I wasn’t the same.  I kept painting the scene over and over again: the slippery road, the concave head that wasn’t a coconut.  I couldn’t get that last image of her out of my head.  It was seductive, addictive even.  It was sick.  I had to leave.  The concept piece I had been working on before the accident I left behind in the apartment full of memories.  She was gone.  I couldn’t stay.  That life was over.  I’m not going to probe my psyche to please others.  Others who aren’t her.  I don’t know where I’m headed, but I do know that I can’t live with that memory one more day.  I need a new life to paint.


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