The best laid plans

Random words: crew, bulldog, prior, cranberry, dancing, prophetic, downcast, provider, repeat, downhill.


The downcast bulldog carelessly guarded the entrance to the town hall.  It was the end of the cranberry harvest and the locals were having a dance in celebration of a successful farming season.  Prior years had seen the harvests going downhill, but this year had been a bumper crop.  So there was much to celebrate.  The crew had been there bright and early to set up the main stage for the band.  Everyone was looking forward to the dance, young and old.  Especially the young.

Bette, named after Bette Davis when she was born because her eyes looked just like the actress’, was preening before her bedroom mirror.  She was going to wear her iris blue gingham dress to match her Bette Davis eyes.  Her excitement showed in every move she made as got ready.  She knew Carl would be there, and she had ensured that stupid Jenny would not.  Nope, tonight was her night.  Jenny didn’t have a chance.  Her prophetic thoughts envisioned the dance and beyond.  She would be Carl’s wife one day soon.  She just knew it.  There would be no repeat of last year’s event which saw Carl dancing the entire night with Jenny.  Poor Jenny wouldn’t be attending tonight’s dance due to a very unfortunate accident involving a door opening at a most inopportune moment and breaking her nose.  There was no way for her to get in between Bette and Carl this year.  Bette and Carl, she sighed.  That did have a nice ring to it she thought.

As Bette arrived at the town hall, fashionably late of course, she took in all who were already there.  Trying to be nonchalant, her eyes casually scanned the room, looking for her future husband, Carl.  Disappointed, she walked over to the desserts table. Her mother was the town baker and the provider of all the cranberry-filled treats on the table.  Bette was about to pop a cranberry muffin bite into her mouth when she spotted Carl walking in.  With Jenny!  Bette couldn’t believe it.  She couldn’t believe that Jenny would want to be seen in public with a bandage on her nose and two black eyes.  Bette choked down the muffin, smoothed her dress, and put a smile on her face.  There was no way she was going to let Jenny know that how spitting mad she was.

Anyway, there was always next year’s dance.


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