Random words: savage, blackmail, liqueur, clear, dimensional, donut, insect, hairless, flawless, blunt.

I poured the clear liqueur into the petite cut glass I had brought back from France that ancient summer past.  How fitting that I use this exact glass.  The blackmail letter lay on the ornate side table next to me.  I pull the letter out of its foreign stamped envelope and settle into my Louis XIVth chair to read.  I swirl the liqueur in the glass as I scan the blunt text.  The memory of his hairless head bowed before me in that dusty backroom, such a contrast to his neat and tidy storefront, appears before me.  I remember watching impassively as an insect landed on his head and then flew off an instant later.  He was bent over his workbench with a loupe over one eye examining the very glass from which I now drink.  He pronounced it a flawless execution of the donut technique in glasswork.  I had never heard of this technique, much less cared about it.  I just knew I had to have this glass the moment I set my eyes upon it through his shop window.  I could see the world refract and fracture in its dimensional depths.  He asked too much for the glass knowing I was just a tourist on a summer vacation.  But I wanted that glass with a sudden savage need that came out of nowhere. It happened in an instant and without any forethought.  I snatched it out of his hand and ran out his store in seconds.  I was already around the corner before he had time to react.  And now, all these years later, I sit frozen with the news that someone else knows my secret.


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