Night vs Day

Random words:  dazzling, moon, daytime, needle, encryption, nude, habitual, best, short, bachelor.

Daytime.  I always hated the daytime.  I much preferred the light of the full moon rather than the dazzling and blinding light of the sun.  I’ve always needed more nighttime hours than day.  No matter how long the hours stretch before dawn, they always seem too short.  I can’t remember when I last saw the sun.  I spend my graveyard work shifts in a nuclear silo, reading the nightly encryption, deciphering whether this was going to be the day the needle hits red or not.  Soon though, my life is changing in a dramatic way.  Not because a nuclear war is starting.  Nah.  I’m getting married to the best goddamn woman I’ve ever known.  I’m not gonna be a bachelor for long.  I’m saying goodbye to my normal but boring and habitual life, and saying hello to my nude wife and the nudist colony I have been dreaming about for years.  I better put sunscreen on the grocery list because this son of gun is gonna be living it up in the daytime from now on!


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