Northern Light

Random words: even, humility, daylight, dozens, envelope, dinner, limitless, northern, kidnapper, agony.

Even as daylight faded, the envelope just sat there.  Dinner had long been eaten, the dishes washed and put away.  I just couldn’t face it again.  I couldn’t face the agony of opening that envelope and reading what the kidnapper had written to me.  Dozens of years had passed since that day.  The cruelty of that man was limitless.  Year after year, he wrote on the anniversary of her kidnapping.  I had long since given up on the FBI.  They were never able to trace anything on those letters.  All I had left was my loneliness and humility.  There but for the grace of God…  The northern light shone in her empty room, showing everything but what I longed to see.  This year, the envelope remains unopened.


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