This is not a pipe

Random words: pipe, pimple, appliance, clock, pacemaker, guerrilla, cinema, cloud, glacier, suitcase.

I just saw my brother’s guerrilla warfare documentary at the boutique cinema on the edge of town.  It is such a beautiful movie, but it is his last.  I still can’t believe he’s gone.  His pacemaker just stopped right as he finished filming the last scene of the movie.  Stopped!  I thought they were supposed to work like a clock.  I guess they’re just like any other appliance, prone to breakdowns.  I still remember him as a teenager, pimple-faced, smoking a pipe in an attempt at sophistication.  And now he’s just gone.  I can’t shake this cloud of despair.  I think I’ll pack my suitcase and head for the glacier where we grew up dreaming of the rainforest and South America.


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