Central Park

Random words: umbrella, jackhammer, veil, cornucopia, disheveled, blossom, umlaut, bridge, doll, butterscotch.

I saw the butterscotch colored hair of the doll first.  Walking my dog in Central Park, I had just gone under a bridge in the park, and I saw this old-fashioned china faced doll with the most gorgeous hair I’d ever seen.  I looked around for its owner, but saw no one.  The doll’s dress was disheveled in a long-lost, left to the elements kind of way.  At least the bridge had acted like a sort of umbrella for it.  Who knew how long it had lain there. I heard a jackhammer nearby as my dog nosed at the doll.  The doll wasn’t the only lost item under the bridge; there was a veritable cornucopia of detritus left to be found or ignored: keys, trash, a cigarette lighter, even a kerosene lamp.  As I held the doll, I saw its dress was covered in tiny clusters of dots like umlauts forlorn without their vowels.  I felt an idea blossom there underneath the bridge.  So I straightened the veil on my habit, and headed straight for the doll hospital on Lexington Avenue filled with divine purpose.


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