Everyday objects

Random words: skeleton, kaleidoscope, gun, fence, current, rubber, staircase, window, tub, parachute.

Walking into the house, my eye catches the skeleton under the staircase.  It’s so odd.  Why is it there?  Whose is it?  When was it put there?  I just remember it always being there.  It’s like looking out your window and seeing the fence in your yard, but not seeing it.  The fence is always there, but you don’t pay attention to it.  But a skeleton is not a fence.  It’s not an everyday object like a tub or a rubber stamp.  It should be like seeing a gun in your house, shocking.  I can’t imagine getting used to a gun, and yet I am so used to that skeleton.  I try to sift through the kaleidoscope of my memories to remember the first time I saw it.  Was it always there?  I need a parachute to deal with the current rushing through my mind. Suddenly, I remember.  Oh god, I remember now but I wish I didn’t.  I can’t breathe.  I sink into blackness.


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