Random words: knife, song, cave, broom, template, hammer, fungus, graph, ovaries, trigger.

With a knife and a hammer, I can make just about anything if I had to.  You see, I live off the grid, in a cave.  Sure, I have to deal with a bit of fungus here and there, but I sure don’t have to deal with ovaries at all, if you get my drift.  Although if you give a woman a broom, at least she can be useful.  I want to be left by myself.  I got tired of the cookie cutter life template that had been stuffed down my throat all my life.  I didn’t want to become some nerdy analyst wasting away in an office.  Just looking at a graph is a trigger for me.  Oh no, I wanted to live alone and work on my song.  It’s a saga ballad.  Right now, it’s about 379 verses long and through composed.  So you can imagine how much work it is to write it, I’m sure.  Well, thanks for trespassing.  But it’s time for you to leave.  Then I won’t have to knife you.


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