The Booby-Trap

Random words: army, fly, parasite, spear, booby-trap, bruise, button, dress, chord, radar.

The booby-trap was set.  There was no way that fly was gonna get free.  I worked all day on that web.  I’m exhausted.  Now all I have to do is wait.  No wait!  I have to hide, then I wait.  Okay, I’m under the leaf right next to where the branch connects to the trunk.  Now I wait.  I watch the army of ants march right on past me on their way to the picnic below. How fortuitous that I set my trap on the day of a food-filled picnic.  The flies will be here in droves. I might not have to wait for long.  I’m like a parasite waiting for my picnic host to provide my next meal.  My web looks neat and tidy with strands arcing out in orderly rows.  The slightest breeze or touch acts like a radar sending the vibrations to me where I lay in wait.  Oh this endless waiting is killing me.  It took me so long to make this web, my spinneret feels like one big bruise.  Aha!  My moment has come!  A fly just buzzed by inspecting the picnic below.  It flies close to my web.  Oh!  One leg has become stuck!  I race over before the fly can manage to unstick itself.  Its wings beat making a fretful chord of music.  Just as it seems the fly may get away, I spear it with one of my legs.  Quickly, I dress it in strands to ensure my tasty meal stays ensnared.  Ah, cute as a button it looks, all trussed up.  Bon appetit!


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